Fat Meech – “When I Was Young”

Today hometown hero and fan favorite, Fat Meech returns with a new single dubbed, “When I Was Young.”

The artwork for “When I Was Young” features a fiery backdrop with a house in flames as an LAPD chopper hoovers above. Overlaid by an image of a younger baby Fat Meech we get a dramatic first glimpse about the nature of his new single

“This song,” Fat Meech said pausing, “There’s a deep meaning to this song. You got to hear this. This song is based on when I was really young, I was more like 14-15-16. First off, I used to get high as Georgia pudding pies, let me tell you. I used to smoke and pop pills all day. The point of this song is teaching you that you can get over your struggles and move forward from those things and those lonely places that you get to. So, in order for me to get out of them, I wrote music. So, this song is based on me being young and the struggles of basically narcotics, you might as well put it like that.”

Serenading the streets with his South Central gospel, Fat Meech has developed a strong following amongst high school students and rap fans in Southern California after songs like, “DAMN,” “Dirty Scale,” “Brothers” and “Brothers 2” resonated with fans across the southland.

“Lately I have been just focusing on writing more, recording more and then waiting for the right opportunity to drop things. Due to the fact that COVID is going on,  it’s like timing is everything right now, because you might not be able to do a show, you might not be able to get booked, you might never do anything, so to me, I kind of tapped back into the art form of it as far as my lyrics and the storytelling and everything. So, I really want my tracks to kind of speak for themselves as far as the storytelling position,” Meech said. 

Focusing on telling his own personal struggles while growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Fat Meech has found that fans identify with his authentic message rather than some fabricated life that is unrealistic and glorifies the worst parts of coming up in a rough area. 

“I feel like everybody has some form of an internal struggle, I mean if you tell your struggle, there has got to be somebody who will connect with it. Nobody out here is perfect. If you speak your truth, somebody’s going to be able to feel you. So, I choose to just tell my truth. It is really easy to make lyrics when you are just telling the truth. Instead of trying to make something up, I really just tell my story and I will make it sound good. And as long as you are telling your truth but if you live in your truth, something viral is going to come out every time,” he said.

Yoel Molina Law

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