Jae Hu$$le Drops “Kemp and Payton” Feat. Mado

Jae Hu$$le ft. Mado - Kemp and Payton

Jae Hu$$le releases “Kemp and Payton” featuring Mado.

Jae Hu$$le and Mado come together as one to create the energy needed when two elite MCs feed off each other. It’s like Kemp & Payton. These two bring the smoke to your cypher in a way that will make all involved very nervous. If you have ever seen Kemp and Payton play, you they were poetry in motion.

It was like Kemp and Payton new what the other was thinking. It appears to be the same with Jae Hu$$le and Mado. Just as Payton would throw the lob to Kemp, Hu$$le and Mado know how to run that two man game. “Kemp And Payton” is the first single off the currently untitled album Jae Hussle and Bestwon are cooking up. Be sure to check back for more.

Yoel Molina Law

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