TRISTAN – “Confessions”

Today rising Canadian R&B/Pop singer TRISTAN is announcing the release of a new single, “Confessions.”  The highly personal record touches on TRISTAN’s  previous relationships and allows him to show his range of emotion both lyrically and from a vocal standpoint.

“When I first made this song I knew it was going to be the one, it just had to be pushed the right way. The whole song is a confession about my past relationship. I wasn’t the best version of myself, and I fully let loose on this record to let the world know about the wrong I’ve done,” TRISTAN said.

Turning away from a career in the world of soccer, TRISTAN found a love for music during his journey with the Montreal Impact Academy and further developed the interest after going to his friend’s studio.

“I’m from Montreal, Canada, that’s where I am right now, I started making music about 5 years ago and I was actually playing soccer at a professional academy.  I was there for about 7 years but I was introduced to music during my stay.  I eventually decided to drop out of my soccer career to pursue music full time. Now it’s all about growing from a business and branding stand point. The music just gets better with time,” TRISTAN explained.

While initially TRISTAN’s sound had more of a trap and rap vibe to it, it has evolved to incorporate more Pop, Funk and R&B music into his sound. 

“To be honest it’s funny, when I first started I was doing that new generation rap and trap stuff. But as I grew, I found myself enjoying Pop and R&B music, so that changed me into the artist I am today. I just have more fun when I’m testing the limits of my vocals. I started to notice a change in my music after listening to different styles and having more variety.  It really helped me to find my sound and I try to put aspects of every style into my music. I even listen to Reggae and old school 80’s music, I try to sneak in some vibes from those genres from time to time.  I’ll listen to anything really, you can just find so much in every kind of music and it really helps to have a big variety to listen to.” TRISTAN said.  

With his eyes set on the Summer and continuing to build his buzz, TRISTAN will be spending time with his team and management developing his brand and image to take his music to the next level.

“I think right now, I’m focused on building an image for myself, just brand myself as an artist and have a style that matches the music. I got so much music  ready to be released.” TRISTAN said. 

“The music that I”m making is not like the music that I used to make, I’m going to come with some R&B, some Pop, some Funk, some Reggaeton and more. Just be ready for what’s next. I got stuff for everyone to enjoy.”

Yoel Molina Law

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