CERTAIN.ONES Release “Growth Specimen” Feat. Bobby Craves, Dzl & Whichcraft

CERTAIN.ONES ft. Bobby Craves, Dzl & Whichcraft - Growth Specimen

CERTAIN.ONES drop off their new “Growth Specimen” single featuring Bobby Craves, Dzl, and Whichcraft.

The Certain.Ones crew is back with new music. Today they release the new “Growth Specimen” single. The crew does not care about the slow start of others as they are in full stride. This is what separates their crew from others, they are always ready because they have been through that growth period.

The crew features Bobby Craves, Dzl, and Whichcraft on “Growth Specimen” along with production from Dj Evi Denz. Evi Denz also provided the scratches on the track.

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