Mr. SOS Releases New Single, “Midnight Diaries”

Mr. SOS - Midnight Diaries

Mr. SOS is back with his new single titled “Midnight Diaries.”

Mr. SOS sets off the year with a new song called “Midnight Diaries.” This one is specifically for the fans who’ve been down since his CunninLynguists days and remember a song he did on the album “Southernunderground” called “Rain“, describing the events that occurred when the song was recorded.

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“It’s a very personal record,” says SOS as he addresses the new song beautifully produced by Maxamill. “I didn’t want to do the typical rapper going in to just murder it thing, I made it for myself and the fans, and also I wanted to murder it, but I feel like it came out so special that it has the potential to reach ears beyond those it was intended for while reminding myself and others that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, especially after a heartbreak, and sometimes before something great happens to you, things fall apart.”

SOS adds, “Also I’m a good storyteller. I almost felt like I was too good of a storyteller so I tried to not use it as a crutch, but now I’m like f*** that, it’s time to flex.”

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