CERTAIN.ONES Uses A Different Type Of Energy On “Bleep Ya Self”

CERTAIN.ONES - Bleep Ya Self

CERTAIN.ONES takes us to someplace out of our world on “Bleep Ya Self.”

Do you believe that there is other life in other Galaxies? Many people believe and think that the U.S. Government is covering up this information. We cannot be the only beings floating around on a circle. CERTAIN.ONES is back with a new out of this world single titled “Bleep Ya Self.”

CERTAIN.ONES Release “Growth Specimen” Feat. Bobby Craves, Dzl & Whichcraft

THh new single produced by Odd Pilot takes you out of this world. The new CRETAIN.ONES release features Killy Shoot, Bobby Craves, TheWiz, and Feral Serge. You should sit back and free your mind on “Bleep Ya Self.”

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