Ras Kass Drops “A Slaughterhouse Fan” Track

Ras Kass - A Slaughterhouse Fan

Ras Kass suggests that members of HRSMN and Slaughterhouse become a group on new single titled “A Slaughterhouse Fan.”

At this point everyone knows or has heard about what is going on with the Slaughterhouse crew. There has been much said about which member is the cause of this riff, with fingers being pointed from each. Never one to hold his tongue, West Coast lyricist, Ras Kass puts his thoughts to beat on “A Slaughterhouse Fan.”

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Ras Kass captures the different reasons groups break up, and money is always on the list. “HRSMN finally dropped an album then Slaughterhouse breakup always wanted all 8 – us! Preemo track and go straight nuts and call it “The Octagon” industry shake up a hip-hop fans dream, but rudely I was waked up
we lyricists with straight lines, a shape up it’s impossible to replace original chemical make up.”

Ras Kass makes the song lighthearted at the end when he suggests that members of the HRSMN and Slaughterhouse come together to form a super group called “Slaughter Horse.”

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