Big Almighty Returns With New “52 Generations” Single

Big Almighty - 52 Generations

Big Almighty joins us today with their new “52 Generations” single.

52 Generations later it came me, no memories of what I used to be, all the thing I couldn’t touch or thought I wouldn’t see? It’s all in front my face because of me.” Big Almighty is back. Honoring our ancestors on this new hard-hitting single. Raf Almighty delivers some earthy, powerful lyrics over this “Illmatic” BigBob produced instrumental.

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The single conveys encouragement and gives motivation to continue on and push forward in a time of loss and pain. “We gon’ pop this last bottle to the ones that gon’ follow, and pray to God that they see tomorrow, and may I last in your memories, and like angels you’ll remember me, like Kisha and Vee, Rag and Dee… You live as long as I live, and generations after that. Ya’ll in our hearts ❤. “

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