CERTAIN.ONES Drop “Tha Werm” Single Feat. Bobby Craves & Feral Serge

CERTAIN.ONES feat. Bobby Craves & Feral Serge  - THA WERM

Certain.Ones release a new single, “Tha Werm” featuring two from the crew in Bobby Craves and Feral Serge.

Certain.Ones returns today with another real Hip-Hop track. “Tha Werm” features Bobby Craves and Feral Serge who give you synchronistic rhymes. If you know anything about NBA basketball in ’80s and ’90s you know about Dennis Rodman, the man Certain.Ones used for their cover art for “Tha Werm.”

You will also know that was the nickname “The Worm” which was given to him by his mother. “The Worm” was the greatest rebounder the NBA has ever seen. Once he got near the basketball, it was not going to anyone else without a fight from. This is similar to the Certain.Ones crew and how they feel about being on the microphone.

Certain.Ones Come With The “Vudu” Vibes Feat. Aztek the Barfly, Jimmi Da Grunt & Bobby Craves 

Once any of the crew’s members gets near the mic, no one else will want to follow. On “Tha Werm” Bobby Craves and Feral Serge prove this point as the two of them make the mic so hot no one will want to touch. Listen to the 9Planets produced track below and leave a comment.

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