Junt Sosa – “Empty”

Junt Sosa shares his new single titled “Empty.”

Recently Rap fans got a new single from Georgia-based rapper Junt Sosa titled, “Empty.” Hailing from La Grange, Georgia nestled between Atlanta and Birmingham, Alabama Junt Sosa brings a raw and authentic Southern-style that shows his music is about way more than the typical recount of life in the streets. 

Building his buzz out of the self-described Trap County, Junt Sosa has been making music since high school and continued his pursuit of rap throughout his time behind bars. But ever since his release from prison he’s had a new reformed message for fans that doesn’t attack how they’re living, because he’s been there too.

“I did 39 months in prison, I came back just like Gucci with a whole other mindset.  Look different. Think different. Move different. Be different. I saw the next man and it didn’t really look good on him. He wasn’t as strong as I was. I just be trying to save the next lil bro from going to do some sh*t that I went through. But I’m still that same nigga. LIke ain’t nothing changed but the mindset and the way I want shit to go for my people,” Junt Sosa said.       

A rejuvenated Junt Sosa is led by his new single “Empty” which is approaching 100k plays in just a month’s time and has been connecting deep down with fans that attempt to tackle their own personal challenges in life. 

“The song Empty means a lot to me. I wrote that song when I was in a space where I was feeling alone by myself. It’s a lot of times when I’m feeling like I’m by myself, but I have help and I have supporters, I have people who are really there for me. But it’s like even though they’re there for me, it’s like my role is empty because things in my life ain’t as complete as I want them to be,” Junt Sosa said. 

“Empty is for all the people out there alone when the shit gets hard man. But it’s all about staying patient and staying down. Even in a room where it feels so Empty, this song will inspire you to at least try to make progress.  Empty is a song that really gets people motivated to just get up and don’t quit.”

Drawing inspiration from his time in jail, Junt Sosa talks about how his time behind bars reformed him mentally, physically, and emotionally to the point where he wants to offer the culture more than just shaking ass and drug flips. Looking forward, Junt Sosa plans to take fans on a musical journey.

“I’m from Trap County, I’ve been doing music for a minute, ever since high school. I’m a well-known artist around these country towns. I got music and merch coming for my clothing line but as far as me I’m just a rapper from La Grange, a real street nigga from La Grange, and that has been the core of my music for several years, ” Junt Sosa explained.   

“But now I’m coming with music on some more righteousness n*gga sh*t. I already did the wickedness. Now I’m speaking on loyalty, righteousness, brotherhood, n*ggas coming together to do sh*t for the streets and the n*ggas that’s in the streets coming together. I’m trying to make all the bros and all the people around the world that there are real bros out there understand. So instead of leading them in the wrong direction, I”m leading them in the right direction.”

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