Domani Releases “Broke” Ahead of Cordae’s European Tour

Domani - Broke

Domani joins us with his new single titled “Broke.”

Domani has been making consistent strides in the past 12 months, with a Top 10 album on Billboard with “SKYDIVE”,  #3 on the Amazon Best Sellers list for “SKYDIVE”, and an international tour in South Africa with Nasty C.  Ahead of his upcoming European “From A Birds Eye View” tour with Cordae, Domani releases “Broke.”

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When speaking about this record he said, “Life is all about perspective, and that’s what I want the listener to take away from this single.  You never know someone’s situation so it’s important to never judge, but rather forgive.”  Throughout Domani’s last album “Skydive,” it was more laid-back and smooth throughout, and you can tell from “Broke” that Domani wanted to get some things off of his chest.  With hard-hitting production combined with his whimsical wordplay and energy to match.

Domani aims to release more music as we close out the year, but for now, it’s all about “Broke.”  He looks forward to getting back on a full-length tour later this month, as his last European tour with J.I.D. was cut short due to the unfortunate pandemic.  With the world wide open now, Domani is getting back to his second home, the stage.

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