Certain.Ones Drop “Pyramid Scheme” Feat. Feral Serge Bobby Craves MortxGrim Prod by DJ Evi Denz

Certain.Ones Feat. Feral Serge, Bobby Craves & MortxGrim - Pyramid Scheme

Certain.Ones drop the DJ Evi Denz produced “Pyramid Scheme” featuring Feral Serge, Bobby Craves, and MortxGrim.

Music that creates a need to research or that gives you the truth is very necessary. Today Certain.Ones share their latest release called “Pyramid Scheme.” If you know anything about pyramid schemes you understand the only top tier usually gets paid. Well, maybe a level or two below that might get paid as well but that is all.

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On “Pyramid Scheme” produced by DJ Evi Denz, Feral Serge, Bobby Craves, and MortxGrim talk about every link you click on trying to sell you something. How do you escape this? You escape it by listening to Certain.Ones, the guys who create music with a purpose. You only receive critical content whenever they release anything. Every member of the Certain.Ones collective is indeed an asset to the culture of Hip-Hop. Listen to “Pyramid Scheme” below and keep your money in your pocket, unless you are purchasing a Certain.Ones project.

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