Certain.Ones Talk New “Aura” Album From Whichcraft & DJ Evi Denz

Certain.Ones Talk New Aura Album

Whichcraft and DJ Evi Denz released “Aura” back in August. Certain.Ones stopped by to discuss the album.

Certain.Ones recently released a 14 track album titled “Aura.” The collective is made up of 20 plus members who live around the world. Certain.Ones is one of the nicest collective of lyricist and producers that have ever been assembled.

Certain​.​Ones Present “Aura” The New Album From Whichcraft & Dj Evi Denz

The new album displays the talents that some of the collective possess. Dali talks about the feeling he gets when he is in a cypher with the members of Certain.Ones. He says that when they get together it is other worldly, “it’s a feeling like no other. “

Bobby Craves says that he is really inspired by the other members. He appreciates that there are no egos involved with any members. Bobby says they respect each other which adds to the great music they create.

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