Mike Titan & Odd Pilot Drop “Invasion Of The Body Catchers” For The Odd Travelers

Mike Titan & Odd Pilot - Invasion Of The Body Catchers

Mike Titan and Odd Pilot drop off “Invasion Of The Body Catchers” single.

You have heard those stories about unidentified being coming to Earth in these weird space vehicles. Those stories that include explanations about strange things happening and different energy fields appearing in fields. These strange beings are sometimes called body snatchers.

Mike Titan & Zcience Division Connect For “Microphone Titan” Single

Mike Titan provides an opportunity for you to hear what those odd travelers sound like when pen meets pad. “Invasion Of The Body Catchers” is exactly what Mike Titan is doing as his speaks about those x-files. Mike Titan and producer Odd Pilot have given you something to talk about even if people say they have not heard it. If you look closely you will see and hear Mike Titan catching bodies.

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