Choco Valen Speaks Truth On “Cobain” Single

Choco Valen - Cobain

Choco Valen drops off his new single titled “Cobain.”

Choco Valen is back with this new single titled “Cobain.” Hollywood has been a place that many people strive to make it to. However, all of the glitz and glamor is not what it seems. There are a large number of people who never make it to see their names in lights. For others it ends prematurely as it did for Kirk Cobain.

Who knows what really happens with some of these people after they accomplish the goal of making their dreams come true? When destiny calls there is nothing you can do to stop change her mind. It hurts when you lose someone to suicide especially if the person was someone that touched your life. Listen to Choco Valen as he gives you the truth on the Kidchichi produced “Cobain.”

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