DJ Evi Denz Gives You A Glimpse Of The Past On “Let’s Take It Back” Feat. Jibbarish & C.O.N-Verse

DJ Evi Denz feat Jibbarish & C.O.N-Verse - Lets Take It Back

DJ Evi Denz connects with Jibbarish and C.O.N-Verse on “Let’s Take It Back” single

DJ Evi Denz of the CERTAIN.ONES shares a new release with us today. How many of you Hip-Hop fans would like to take it back to when you first fell in love with genre? The music caught your ear and made you move like never before. The Dj played music that was similar to your ear but somehow sounded different.

Hip-Hop took over you being like nothing before. DJ Evi Denz take it back with “Lets Take It Back” featuring Jibbarish and C.O.N-Verse. Jibbarish and C.O.N-Verse take you back to when they fell in love with art of Hip-Hop. This new new single will have you craving for the days of your youth and that Hip-Hop jam in the park. Press play on “Let’s Take It Back” below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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