Double A.B. & Git Beats Join Forces with Prince Po On ‘Where The Bag At’

Double A.B. & Git Beats ft. Prince Po - Where The Bag At

Double A.B. and Git Beats drop “Where The Bag At” featuring Prince Po.

Double A.B. and Git Beats have teamed up once again to drop their latest single, “Where The Bag At,” featuring Prince Po of Organized Konfusion fame. The track is a perfect showcase of Git’s unique production style, which takes center stage with its avant-garde beats and complex percussion.

The two emcees bring their A-game as well, deftly navigating the intricate rhythms laid down by Git to deliver verses that are both technically impressive and emotionally resonant. As they rap about the pursuit of wealth and success, their words are given added weight by the hard-hitting, propulsive beat that propels the song forward.

Where The Bag At” is just one of the tracks that will be featured on Double A.B. and Git Beats’ forthcoming album, “Lungs Of Mahalia.” If this single is any indication, the album promises to be a tour de force of cutting-edge Hip-Hop, showcasing the duo’s talents and pushing the boundaries of the genre in new and exciting directions.

For fans of Double A.B. and Git Beats, “Where The Bag At” is a must-listen. And for anyone who appreciates innovative and boundary-pushing music, the forthcoming album “Lungs Of Mahalia” is sure to be one of the most exciting hip-hop releases of the year.

Yoel Molina Law

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