Mr. Scratch Hook ‘The Book Of Mr. Scratch Hook’ & Droppin’ Bombs Video Ft. Sadat X

Mega producer/DJ Mr. Scratch Hook aka DJ E.Rex releases his new album ‘The Book Of Mr. Scratch.’ The 13-track project comes equipped with a star-studded cast including Sadat X, Chris Rivers, Thirstin Howl The 3rd, King Magnetic, Mikey-D, DJ Heron, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Mic Mountain, and that is only naming a few.

The album brims with mastered arrangements authentic to classic Hip Hop without sounding dated and allows the heavyweight MCs to flow over gritty melodies and pronounced bass and drums.

Watch the animated video for the lead single “Droppin’ Bombs” Featuring Sadat X and Mic Mountain

The vibrant, detailed animated video is steered by clapping basslines weaved in and out of cuts and scratches. Clever metaphors show off the ability to rhyme, eyes closed and undistracted. “Droppin bombs keeping it raw” echoes throughout the video and sets the premise of the record.  

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