Homeboy Sandman Announces Album, “Still Champion”

Homeboy Sandman Announces Album 'Still Champion'

Homeboy Sandman announces new album, “Still Champion.”

Homeboy Sandman announces his new full-length album “Still Champion” due for release November 11th on Mello Music Group. The album is produced entirely by Deca. Today September 23, the prolific lyricist unveils the album’s lead single Satellite. On the laidback boom bap anthem, Homeboy Sandman delivers a fresh and new interpolation of his 2014 song Stroll.

In 2021, Homeboy Sandman and Deca connected for what was at the time just a standalone single, All Because of You (Infatuated Duke). In addition to receiving praise from FLOOD Magazine, Earmilk, and Central Sauce, the song had fans clamoring for a full project. Homeboy Sandman states, “When we did “All Because of You,” more so than any song I’ve ever done, people were like “do you plan to do a whole project with this producer? You have to do an entire project with this producer.”” In February 2022, the recording process began for what would later become the 10-track album, “Still Champion.”

Although Homeboy Sandman has been a highly-revered rapper and delivered timeless projects for over a decade, his skill as a lyricist is currently at an all time high. Feeling better than ever both in health (a product of his plant-based diet) and in spirit, the Rap veteran is creating his best music to-date. Similar to his There In Spirit EP, self-actualization, individuality, triumph, and God are the driving forces behind his new album “Still Champion.” Explaining the title, Homeboy Sandman says:

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“I’ve been through a lot. After a wild bout in which the champion finds a way to make it out victorious they’ll announce “and STILL CHAMPION!!” But even more than that, this record is about God. God is STILL CHAMPION, despite rumors people may have heard. Money is not champion. Fame is not champion. Popular opinion is not champion. God is STILL CHAMPION. But most of all, I am champion because I am still. In the midst of all the madness, all the anxiety, all the panic, I remain calm. I remain still. I am the STILL CHAMPION.”

Homeboy Sandman Announces Album 'Still Champion'

The new single Satellite is inspired by Homeboy Sandman’s song Stroll from his 2014 album Hallways. He explains, “I love it but I felt I could improve upon it. I felt I could write a song that had way more depth and way more commentary and insight rather than just things I see when I walk around. “Satellite” is my definitive environment record but it’s not only what I see, it’s what I see means.”

Homeboy Sandman’s output has been nothing short of spectacular in 2022. The Elmhurst Queens native kicked off the year with Illingsworth-produced There In Spirit EP, a 7-track masterclass in top-notch production and elite-level lyricism. This summer, he shared his I Can’t Sell These mixtape which received an A grade in Dean of American Rock Critics Robert Christgau’s consumer guide. Homeboy Sandman later dropped the Deluxe Edition for his Anjelitu project, which received critical acclaim from Bandcamp, Stereogum, OkayPlayer, PopMatters, and more.

Now, the tireless emcee is back with his full-length album “Still Champion” due out November 11th on Mello Music Group. Sand concludes, “Mike McManus aka Mikey MakingItHappen on the art. I love this record so hyped for y’all to hear it so thankful to Deca for this amazing production; so soulful, so groovy.” 

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