BlaccSwan ft. Van Leeuwen – Crossfire

BlaccSwan releases “Crossfire” featuring Van Leeuwen.

Two Hip-Hop artists come together to denounce Police brutality with “Crossfire”. What is different about that you ask, these two artists are white? Pennsylvania’s Van Leeuwen and Georgia’s BlaccSwan release this video to shed light on Police brutality, racial divide and injustice. Watch the video that has everyone talking and let us know what you think.

Crossfire-BlaccSwan Feat Van Leeuwen!!!

Yoel Molina Law


  1. White people denouncing police brutality? Funny. fuckin white devil’s. ???? They don’t know shit about it. They have no idea of the struggle. Looks staged. They will never really understand how as a black human being on this earth we have to worry about police brutality amongst other things every day. Smh. White folks get a couple black friends and steal our culture and feel like they have a heavy presence to talk about wtf we go thru. Gtfoh. One damn black person in the video who is probably white washed. Your a white swan buddy. Shit is sickening. It’s unbelievable and fake.

  2. What’s even worse us he’s laughing about getting 2k views a day. Smh. Sharing it to people like Ellen so he can blow up huh? It’s a gimmick y’all

  3. It’s not a’s shedding light on real issues. So since he’s white and actually shares views of those who go through these situations he’s fake and doesn’t understand. This is the division he is rapping about. I am his sister and he has been writing and producing music for years. Of course he is excited to get views on his first video, btw you don’t know about him or any of the struggles he’s been through either, but I like how quick you are to judge. This just goes to show how real his video and song is.

  4. Oh and fyi..if he writes about’s how he really feels..

  5. Wow….it’s people like you BP who keep the racial divide going I will pray for your hatefulness towards this artist and his talent.

  6. This song is absolutely amazing great work by two really talented artists really proud to call you a close friend. Its truly a message that needs to be heard.

  7. It’s very interesting that these men are getting shamed for being white and talking about the injustice in the US that minorities face. Let me tell you something; they are talking about the issues and bringing them to light instead of talking about clubs, drinking, money, and women. In the song one of the artists even says “Coming from a white man I can still understand”, they are not saying that they face this everyday, they are saying that they acknowledge that there is discrimination and injustice and they are joining in solidarity. Instead of supporting them you bash them because of the color of their skin! You should be ashamed of yourself for discriminating against people who are joining to fight our fight. We don’t like to be judged for our skin and ethnicity, so why on earth do you feel entitled to do it to someone who is trying to help? They have every right in the world to speak their mind and be excited about how many plays they get. Artists pour their heart and soul into their music. This song has a message and I’m extremely proud that it is getting a couple thousand plays a day. Spread love, not hate! Don’t be a damn hypocrite and discriminate! I support these two artists and their message!!!

  8. Regardless of your opinion, no need for hate & racism! Your thoughts are in his notes. Good day ✌

  9. Talking about something most people won’t touch with a 10 foot pole, that takes courage. White people may not be able to say that they completely understand the struggle, but they can point out and be dissatisfied with corruption. Because at the end of the day: there are humans that want division and humans that want peace.

  10. It’s sad to see someone show such hatred towards someone that is trying to help the situation and send out a positive message. It’s seems as if they missed the whole point!!

  11. Yo @ Black Power. Brother or sister whatever. I am from South Africa. Do you know what it is to struggle as a black man that comes from the soil of the motherland? You are talking about a brother (although he is white) as if the brother is dissing the black race. The strange thing is when I arrived in the USA some blacks there makes fun of us. Ignorant brothers and sisters, I must say. Yes, black lives matter, but I feel all lives matter as Tata Madiba said. The struggle is not about colour but about human life. Blacc Swan is my brother and he is voicing his views through his art. It has always been like that when a white man stands with the blacks then it is bad. Do they not also get victimized or assaulted for standing with for us? Whites just as blacks died here by us for our freedom, so I do not appreciate a fellow black brother or sister acting like that. Instead of starting a conversation with the brother to have a deeper understanding where he comes from, you have to shoot him down. You say he is fake. Well to me as a black brother from Africa is he more black than you since at least he is standing for something, but like an ignorant black you fall for everything.

  12. All this racial hate still going on its crazy.. You have someone that really cares bout tryna make a difference an raps bout what’s important to him… An all that some people can say is oh yea he white what does he know about the struggle of the black people.
    .. All bs aside its a damn good song an he is putting his heart into a song tryna shine light on a situation that so many other people jus sit back an ignore… He went an did something that so many didn’t have the nerve 2do stand up for people in front of the world…… Keep it up man we proud of u

  13. It’s unfortunate that some people can’t handle the truth no matter who it’s being told by. I grew up where my race was the minority and still face the same struggles being spoke about in this song since I have a mixed child. However I embraced the fact that all of Us Americans face these struggles and it is up to Us to stand united to overcome them. I support Blaccswan and Vanleeuwen 100%. Atleast they keep it real.

  14. Real music. No rented Bentleys, prostitutes dancing, or fake money being thrown around. Just real music wit a message!!! Haters are the ones that sit in their parents basements blogging and getting yelled at by their dad for not getting a job and moving out!! Yea im talkin bout u B.P. or should i say Big pussy!!!

  15. Exactly you weak ass bitch Mr. Black People shut up with that weak ass shit your so scared to think out of the box you feel comfortable and powerful in that you cant accept help from white concerned intelligent people on real issues you will never have the Power you claim to have if you can’t work in unity when it’s offered to you ! & If that’s the type of attitude you have then it’s pretty obvious you really need the help ! It wasn’t easy walking down the streets of Atlanta speaking out against the issues covered in this video especially being white since you so eagerly threw that out there and tried to make our point invalid due to just that ! We genuinely care and didn’t do this for the attention or praise my son was scared to be involved in speaking out against these issues I told him to hold his head and sign up high and take pride in what he was doing because it’s very important to speak out against things that ain’t right if we don’t try to make changes there never will be any !! So please keep your ignorant opinions and comments to yourself because that’s the exact type of thing that will make people not care and things will never get better for you or your people !!

  16. I meant power not people y’all sorry about that

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