Rae & T-Man – The One

Rae & T-Man - The One

Rae debuts on SpitFireHipHop with her ultra hot new video for ‘The One’.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida-bred singer RAE presents the IAM-directed music video for “The One“, her new single produced by Australian producer T-Man. Born to musician parents, Rebecca Anne Esptein (whose initials stand for “Remain Always Empowered”) was in voice lessons before she could read, and was performing regularly in south Florida by age fifteen.

In 2012 Rae was selected to be a part of the College of Music at Florida State University for Vocal Performance, and was nominated for Miss Tallahassee in 2013. She honed her studio chops working for several months at Engine Room Audio in New York before hopping on a MegaBus to move to Los Angeles a year ago, where she currently resides.

“The instrumental was labeled ‘The One’ when I got it in my email and I kind of went with that as the theme of the song,” RAE says about the track’s genesis. “All the lyrics were written pretty quickly because it just flows out of me. I sent the vocal back within a couple days, and everyone loved it! It was stuck in our heads for weeks. Soon enough, T-Man flew to LA and we got to shoot an epic music video for it. The one is for anyone chasing that one moment they wait their entire lives to feel whether that’s a person, place, opportunity, or emotion. The energy making this song has been insane and I’m very grateful to be apart of it.”

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