Skaz Digga – Hop On In (‘It’s Been A Minute’ extras)

Skaz Digga - Hop On In ('It's Been A Minute' extras)

Skaz Digga explains his process in producing music.

Skaz Digga is a DJ, producer, engineer, and leader of The World Famous Butta Team of North Carolina. In addition to serving as Big Daddy Kane’s tour DJ for nearly two decades, Skaz has produced and engineered music for countless major and indie artists, including Camp-Lo and Styles P.

Skaz recently lent his talents to Mark Steele‘s “Hop On In,” featuring G. Yamazawa. In today’s installment of Steele’s It’s Been A Minute extras series, Skaz explains how Quincy Jones served as his muse for the creation of the record, and how he used Herbie Hancock’s “Tell Me A Bedtime Story” in his own unique way.

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