Blizzyboy LJ – “Dior Weather”

Today BlizzyBoy LJ gives fans the music video for his song “Dior Weather,” which can be found now on all digital streaming providers like Spotify, Apple and Tidal.

On the song BlizzyBoy LJ raps about the feeling he had on a recent trip to Miami where he was fully draped in breezy, beach friendly, Chistian Dior clothing. The song’s vibe rides the South Beach wave of BlizzyBoy LJ’s trip to Miami, Florida, taking listeners on a musical journey to the exotic world of pristine beaches and warm weather.  The video is everything a trip to paradise should be and shows palm trees, women in bikinis, the ocean and BlizzyBoy LJ speeding around Miami’s Biscayne Bay in a Lamborghini. 

“It’s everything that you’re inspired to have when you have nothing. When you have nothing you hustle for vacations and a way out and things like that, so that’s basically how the video was done in Miami. My music is flashy and East Coast, so fans can expect sh*t like this from me,” BlizzyBoy LJ said. 

Recording the majority of his material out of Los Angeles, California and getting his mixing and mastering done in Santa Barbara, BlizzyBoy LJ is pooling together his resources for a relentless flow of flashy East Coast inspired music.

“There’s really no plan, it’s just to keep putting out music, wherever it takes me, it takes me. My goal is to be the best me, hopefully the best me gives me the best outcome,” he said. 

Brought up on the East Coast but residing in California, BlizzyBoy LJ has battled past the odds to reach this point in his career.  First gaining fame on Twitter and Vine, BlizzyBoy LJ took his rap skills that he started developing at age 16 and combined it with the power of social media to make a career out of going viral with his freestyles.

“I always made music as a kid. When I was 16 my boy told me to hop on the mic, I thought I sounded good on the mic, so I told myself I was going to be a rapper,” BlizzyBoy LJ said. “I’m 24 now but I had Twitter fame and Vine fame off of quick freestyles, so I thought I was a rapper just off of that.  I named myself Blizzy because basically where I’m from the hood and the block is called the blizzy.”

While Blizzy always got love from the block back home, times weren’t always good for him when he was transitioning to life in LA. When he first got here BlizzyBoy LJ was living off of money made from selling CDs on Hollywood Blvd. and at one point in time he even had to live out of his car. But through all the struggles of growing up and learning his way in LA, he never gave up. 

“I really started from nothing, I moved out here and I don’t have rich parents, the lifestyle I have did not come from nobody. Everything is me. I didn’t always have a car, I didn’t always have change. A year ago I was sleeping in my car for a week. I got evicted after I was renting Rolls Royces and I forgot to pay my rent. I got kicked out and I moved in with my Uncle, but he told me I had to leave and go back to the East Coast. I wasn’t doing that, so I had to live in my car and I was sleeping in a BMW and I would shower at the gym for like a week. I had only 2k to my name and I was able to buy food but I had to hustle into a new situation. After I made like 12k in a weekend I stayed in a motel for like 2 weeks weeks more and made another 8 k and so I made it out of that and from that I know that I can never give up.”

From there his music took a turn and between 2016 and 2019, BlizzyBoy LJ opened for Migos, 21 Savage, Lil Durk, and Famous Dex to name a few. Now with his new single “Dior Weather,” BlizzyBoy LJ isn’t looking back knowing he has what it takes to persevere after all the obstacles he overcame.

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