Priceless Da Roc – TurnxUpGod

This month active Bay Area mainstay and reliable turn up machine, Priceless da Roc returned with his new spirited album TurnxUpGod.

Produced by himself with the help of Bay Area production team Slight WorkPriceless Da Roc also got a little help from his friends on this project getting the assists on verses from Guapdad4000, Nef The Pharaoh, ShooterGang Kony, Lil Bean, D-Lo, Azjah to name a few. 

“This project I got is called TurnxUpGods and the reason it’s called that is because being in the Bay area with all the movements we’ve had out here it just fits with who I am, so with this project I wanted to put it all together and make it fun. When I first started working on the project Coronavirus hadn’t happened yet, but I just started working on beats and working on the keys more, I just got deep into the quarantine session.  Then I just made the project over, being in the house I challenged myself to make it better. I produced most of it and it’s one of the best projects I’ve put together,” Priceless Da Roc proclaimed.

Known for taking over the stage, dancefloor or any other entertainment venue where he gets the mic, Priceless Da Roc brings liveliness to this listener’s speakers with an action packed project full of Bay Area lingo and enthusiasm that is difficult to match. Accompanied by a host of talent that’s rising on the West Coast, Priceess Da Roc has put together a solid effort that will be perfect for performances once live venues re-open. 

“My music is high energy diverse music – some songs you can jump around, some songs you get the bars, but I feel like my music is thrilling music as a whole.” Priceless Da Roc said. “I’ve always really done music, I just didn’t take it 100% seriously until I got older. You know you gotta bring the energy and the fun to The Bay. I kinda always had the passion and love for music, I guess I was the guy that would come and dance in a circle and do the moves, I always had a love for entertainment and so as I got older I found a way to make a career out of it.” 

Spending time all over the country but finding his real home in The Bay, Priceless Da Roc spent a lot of time in San Francisco and Daly City where he had a studio.  Born in Lompac as a military kid, Priceless Da Roc spent some time in D.C but with most of his family being in San Francisco it’s where he ended up settling for good. 

“I get my energy from just being out at events and always being out – I was always the one hitting the dance circle and it’s always been my personality to pop out at you and it’s just my personality as a whole. It transcended into the music.  My style is a little unorthodox and it pops out at you, but it gets what you need to get,” Priceless Da Roc said.  “I think The Bay is known strongly for being an independent rap scene and fans know songs out here that have never left The Bay. In The Bay it’s about just being yourself it’s a little bit easier to make money and make music when you are being yourself.”

Going forward, Priceless Da Roc is planning on releasing a host of videos from the project with his goals set on dropping 10 videos from the project.  

“So far with the project dropping on the 5th, we already got about 4-5 videos done, we are gonna try to do like 10 videos in total. We want everyone to see the culture and how we do in The Bay and the style here on the West Coast and everything. I like to have fun in my visuals to make sure it’s entertaining, we have stories and we have fun.  The videos are full of entertainment and it gives people the energy of how we felt when we made the song. We only dropped one so far and the others come out when the project drops, but we got a lot of videos for the fans.”

With giveaways and some online parties planned, Priceless Da Roc is bringing the entertainment to the fans like only he can, trying to capture the spirit of his live performances online. 

“It’s not the same but we want people to have some fun and get a lil turn up in their system!”

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