Raf Almighty & BigBob “Broadway” Feat. Ruste Juxx & Guy Grams

Raf Almighty & BigBob  ft. Ruste Juxx & Guy Grams - Broadway

Raf Almighty and BigBob release the new “Broadway” video featuring Ruste Juxx and Guy Grams.

Broadway” is the lead single taken from the upcoming album 537 DOLPHIN STREET set to release April, 9. The visuals for Broadway follows Raf Almighty to the streets of New York City to meet up with Ruste Juxx and friends to kick it on the street corner to spit some rhymes. Interwoven city imagery is stitched together with psychedelic effects to the soundtrack of this gritty and raw track.

Raf Almighty is a profound story teller. He sticks close to the melodic energy with his lyrical skill and flow. Ruste Juxx’s mic presence is undeniably spirited and moving. His volatile energy pairs well with Raf’s vigorous mood. Cameo appearance from Skanks The Rap Martyr of the Bankai Fam. The soundscape is helmed by visionary producer BigBob with calculated cuts and scratches from LD-on-the-Cut. This video and the forthcoming album is released by Elite Sound International.

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