Nickoe – “Crack Babies”

Today Mississippi artist Nickoe delivers his new poignant single, “Crack Babies.” The new single has been resonating with his fans across the South as the visual showcases Nickoe’s cool demeanor and laid back flow while also showing the trials and tribulations of hustling. 

Singing and rapping at the same time, Nickoe is pictured posted up with his hood, on the porch, in back alleys and he even showcases his acting talents in a few scenes. 

“The single that I’m running with now is called Crack Babies, I dropped a video probably a month ago, it’s doing pretty good on YouTube with the views. It’s a single that’s just expressing coming up in the neighborhood where I’m from. If you listen to the song, you would probably get a better understanding of what I’m saying.  It’s the reality of stuff going on in Mississippi,” Nickoe said. “Most of the time the music is just how I’m feeling, so I guess I make music for myself but I know there are certain types of songs that fans want to hear. It’s just different styles of songs. I might make something for the clubs, or more for just riding, it just depends on what selection of the beat I have at the time. If it makes me feel some kind of way, or I get some ideas from some beats I just try to come up with something I know people will like.”

Representing West Jackson specifically, Nickoe was originally a football prodigy at Mississippi State taking the field with a countless number of players that made it to the league including Dallas Cowboys QB, Dak Prescott. But ever since an ACL injury changed Nickoe’s trajectory, he’s been all in on music, focusing on feeding his soul with music that resonates with his peers and fans and that draws on his influences from artists in the 90s and early 2000s like the Hot Boys, Master P,  UGK and Three 6 Mafia.

“I got a pretty loyal fan base around here, I really don’t know how far it spreads, but it’s spreading now, it’s working itself. But I’m always interacting with them, they’re pretty supportive,” Nickoe explained. “We’re getting picked up on a lot of shows lately because we just started back putting out a lot of music, and putting it back in everybody face so yeah we’re getting booked a lot, and a lot of features; a lot of appearances and stuff.” 

Focusing on reality music, Nickoe has an uncanny ability to tap into what he knows the fans will love. Rapping about what’s going on in his city, Nickoe paints a picture with his lyrics that his fans in Jackson and well beyond can relate to personally. 

“The reality of the music is what the fans like.  I guess I rap about what’s really going on in life, what’s going on in my life and around me, what’s going around in the city and where I’m from, you know, it’s just the reality,” Nickoe explained. “It’s probably like every other neighborhood with poverty and every other hood, it’s just the same; crime, you got to stay out of the way. The good and bad came with it,  just neighborhood stuff.” 

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