iNTeLL Releases Chapelle’s Show-Inspired “Entertainment” Video

iNTeLL - Entertainment

2nd Generation Wu’s iNTeLL releases Chapelle’s Show inspired “Entertainment” video.

After the release of Computers For The Hood, his new collaboration album with producer DLP,iNTeLL (mastermind behind 2ND GENERATION WU, son of Wu-Tang Clan’s U-God, and carrier of the legendary hip hop collective’s creative torch) is back with his latest visual masterpiece: a music video for “Entertainment.” The song, featuring TeamBack Pack champion Denzil Porter, inspired iNTeLL to show us his take on the question “What exactly is entertainment?

With hair and makeup inspired by skits from the iconic Chapelle’s Show, this immersive reality born from the mind of iNTeLL may leave you speechless. iNTeLL, who shot, directed and edited the video himself, admits there was some delay with getting the video complete after contracting the delta variant of COVID. After the recuperation was over, he got back to finishing his work of cinema disguised as a music video, with the drive to live up to his previous work (2nd Generation WU’s “New Generation” remix featuring Method Man) which was recently an official selection of the New York Hip Hop film festival.

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