Jack Preston Asserts His Extraordinary Rapping Ability In “OTG”

Jack Preston - OTG- Video

Jack Preston shares his new video for “OTG.”

Rapper and multimedia artist Jack Preston reunited with longtime collaborator and West Coast producer Jon Bom for The River, Preston’s first full-length project since 2015. Released earlier this year, the album reintroduced the pair’s progressive sound established on their groundbreaking opus End of The Future.  Inspired by Taoism, The River is a motivational body of work that uses Preston’s resilience through life-changing events as a testament to the ability of an everyman to get out of his own way and allow his extraordinary abilities to shine. On the album’s fourth single “OTG”, Preston asserts his confidence as an emcee over Bom’s sparse, hard-hitting production.

Jack Preston Has The Rhymes Flowing On “The River” Album

‘OTG’ (Off The Grid) represents being aware of your surrounds and knowing exactly where and how to execute in any given situation. With the first line of the song being “Mr. Preston here to claim my spot…”, I’m letting it be known that I’m here to make a mark. Even when I’m moving silently, I’m always ready to make noise. My unassuming nature may make others underestimate just how deadly my attack can be. This is my warning shot and claim to my proper spot amongst the greats.” Jack Preston

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