Benny The Butcher Updates ‘Ten Crack Commandments’ With The 2022 Version ’10 More Commandments’ Feat. Diddy

Benny The Butcher feat. Diddy - 10 More Commandments Videos

Benny The Butcher updates Biggie’s “Ten Crack Commandments” with “10 More Commandments” video featuring Diddy.

It was March 25 of 1997 when The Notorious B.I.G. released the classic album titled “Life After Death.” The album was a two disc release that included 25 tracks with production from Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie, Easy Mo Bee, Stevie J., Buckwild, Chucky Thompson and more. On the second disc on the two disc album was a track that was a manual for those who were in the streets called “Ten Crack Commandments.” Biggie provided the ten rules that all who were serving hand-to-hand in the streets.

Benny The Butcher Releases New Classic, ‘Tana Talk 4’

Today, Benny The Butcher updates the list by giving the 2022 version of Ten Crack Commandment titled “10 More Commandments” featuring Diddy. It seems Benny excites Hip-Hop with every release, and his fans love everything he puts out. “10 More Commandments” looks like this, 20. make sure that you count the money 19. don’t ever burn the plug 18. test that work before you buy it 17. take care of the people around you 16. stack that paper 15. buy shit that can be sold 14. lead by example 13. chase money not fame 12. stand for somethin’ or fall for anything 11. first chance you get, get out the game.

The 2022 version hits on everything that most of this trap rappers do and talk about on social media. Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments and check his new “Tana Talk 4” album.

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