J.Lately Releases The Video For His Single “Pictures”

J.Lately - Pictures

J.Lately is back with the new visual for “Pictures.”

Bay Area rapper J.Lately delivers the music video for his new single “Pictures,” a heartfelt and upbeat track about appreciating the important people and things in our lives. Leading off the track with the statement “I don’t need plaques, I want pictures on my wall,” Lately dives deep into his development as a person and an artist.

J.Lately Is Ok With Only “Pictures” On His Walls

Through the incorporation of home videos and a performance shot in front of a collage of childhood pictures, he gives viewers a chance to see an inside glimpse of his life growing up and the people and things that made him who he is. On the hook he states, “sometimes I don’t know just where we’re going, but I know not to run from what will be destined. Yeah I’m right where I’m supposed to”, reminding us that sometimes life is more about the journey than the destination, and that we should strive to find comfort and joy in that.

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