CA the Don – “Too High”

CA the Don - Too High Video

Rising out of one of the south’s music capitals Houston, Texas, comes CA the Don with a captivating new release titled “Too High”. An engaging, genre-bending track that combines elements of hip-hop, R&B, and dance for a truly versatile joint, “Too High” presents another strong release from the consistent CA. In particular, “Too High” puts his songwriting on center stage, while also demonstrating his sharp ear for poignant production. CA the Don continues to push his own boundaries with each new release, isn’t afraid to experiment with his sound, and delivers to his audience time and time again, and “Too High” is another example of this.

Rich guitars and infectious bass open up “Too High”, followed by an engaging drum groove that pairs smoothly with the track’s warm instrumentation. CA starts off slow and slick with vocals that combine hip-hop and R&B elements with melodious inflections, before the song makes an engaging transition into a dance-infused joint. Throbbing percussion and immersive synths give the track a clean club feel, as CA takes the song to new heights as a vocalist with his silky delivery. The new video makes for a cohesive accompaniment as well, with balmy shots and a retro filter that immerse the listener in the track’s energizing yet laid-back feel.

Produced by Scar, cam sos, and CA himself, “Too High” is a solid new offering from him that continues the Houston artist’s run into the new year. Check it out below and connect with CA the Don on social media for more.

Yoel Molina Law

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