Adrian Swish – Creates A Collaborative Music Community Providing Resources Through Blockchain Technology

Adrian Swish - Creates A Collaborative Music Community Providing Resources Through Blockchain Technology

Digital Currensy, Inc., a blockchain-based technology company focused on the music economy, plans to revolutionize the way artists distribute music and manage their own careers. Since announcing their intentions via the release of their whitepaper on May 1st of this year, they have on boarded several advisors including tech guru and programming veteran Jim Flynn, in addition to a core team of music industry professionals.

Digital Currensy provides a community where artists from across the world can work together to create songs that may not have been possible any other way.  Using blockchain technology that utilizes smart contracts and cryptocurrency, Digital Currensy will provide community marketing campaigns to share new content, along with their Smart Music Marketplace that will provide a space that supplies all the tools necessary to advance their careers, and fans can directly contribute to the success of their favorite artists. Blockchain provides the efficiency necessary to deliver fast payments, transparency, and security.

“The music industry needs a safe marketplace where independent artists can monetize their content and find all of the core services they need to thrive,” said founder and CEO Adrian “Swish” Smith. “Fans and music enthusiasts need a place to go to support their favorite artists knowing that their contributions are going directly to the artist and their career.  I’m excited that we have developed the right team to make this a reality.”

Jim Flynn, President of Overlook, LLC and blockchain expert has signed on to advise Digital Currensy regarding the creation of a truly decentralized platform. He has a long history with technology and development. Mr. Flynn is a Javascript pioneer who wrote “Visual J++ Java Programming” in 1996, the first book published on Javascript. Brian Su, President/CEO at Artisan Business Group & Blockchain Connect China, is also serving as an advisor; he is guiding Digital Currensy to break into the Chinese market and advising on international business and investments. The Chairman of the Advisory Board is Michael E. Bryant; Mr. Bryant has a solid track record helping startups, in addition to his strong international business acumen.

Digital Currensy, Inc. was founded by elite music manager and entrepreneur, Adrian “Swish” Smith in 2017 as a response to his experience in the music industry. After recognizing the lack of resources available to independent artists, he decided to become an artist advocate and began dedicating his time to helping new talent succeed. Now, with the aid of emerging technology, Mr. Smith has developed a plan to change the industry for artists all over the world.

Digital Currensy are on schedule and are in the process of taking the steps necessary to become compliant with all SEC regulations so that artists and fans here in the United States can participate in their upcoming ICO.  Their ICO date will be released soon, as the road map currently projects their ICO launch to occur in the Third Quarter of this year. In anticipation of what Digital Currensy is about to bring to the music community, we request all interested parties to visit to sign up, engage, and get involved.

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