Nevermore Studios CEO Tevin Johnson teams up with Algorand Blockchain to mint NVCOIN for Artist Payments  and Royalties

Tevin Johnson
Tevin Johnson

Today Nevermore Studios CEO/Founder Tevin Johnson has announced the official launch of NVCOIN now available via Pera Algorand wallet. NVCOIN will serve as the official creator token of nevermore studios replacing cash for all record label and management functions.

“We minted 100 Billion of  our own cryptocurrency by successfully coding onto the algorand blockchain. $NVCOIN will serve as the official currency for all business endeavors with Nevermore Studios,”  Tevin Johnson said. “NVCOIN will be the only usable currency to purchase Nevermore Studios apparel, merchandise and NFTS. The first NFT collection will be available on to celebrate Parabellum 1996 Montana’s EP via 88 Rising.” Despite the volatility of the cryptocurrency market Tevin Johnson is confident in NVCOIN and their crypt0 aspirations because Nevermore Studios is 100% funded on cryptocurrency mining. 

“The entire market has been tanking, but the name of the game is HODL. The money market is a very volatile place overall but real investors see market dips as a revolution. Our focus has been on cryptocurrency mining to hedge against market speculations and protect artist budgets  ” Tevin Johnson explained. “We have a fleet of L3+ ANTminers merge mining Litecoin, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu followed by our latest investment in a series of Bobcat 300 Helium hotspot miners. All of these assets have extreme upside and the data supports our theories. We have been able to fund art shows and pay creators via cryptocurrency. Digital money is here to stay for sure.”

Nevermore Studios has also purchased land in the Metaverse via Sandbox to create a digital hub where users can meet artists and share exclusive music drops. Users will be able to use NVCOIN as a digital tipping service to reward their favorite online creatives.

In addition to recent success with 1996 Montana, Nevermore Studios recently signed a new management client Floyd Zion who is a Recording artist/model seen on Versace & Reese Cooper Runaways. 

  “We are going to invite users to participate in our digital marketplace  by airdropping coins into beta tester wallets. These user will begin to modulate the value of $NVCOIN, but overall, the artists and their art will draw users  to the marketplace on  

As the NVCOIN marketplace  is structured, Johnson imagines that influencers around the music/film industry will get bundle packages and bundled deals that encourage adoption of the coin and Nevermore Studios exclusive services.

“Our creative partners have given Nevermore Studios the exclusive rights to distribute their art in the metaverse using cryptocurrency. I believe cryptocurrency is more than a financial asset, crypto is a community of shared information. Various artists and Crypto enthusiasts have received influencer packages to encourage the adoption of the creative use of cryptocurrency along with metaverse functions. The package includes exclusive Nevermore Studios Apparel, Mystery Vinyl Set &  spendable NVCOIN.”

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