Daz Dillinger – I Think Tupac Had Sex With Michel’le

Daz Dillinger says he believes Tupac had sex with Michel’le.

There have been many stories about the demise of Death Row and in most of those conversations you will find Michel’le’s name is intertwined. Daz Dillinger goes into his favorite Tupac song and calls out Michel’le for starting the downfall of Death Row. Daz says when Tupac was released from jail, he put Michel’le on a few of his songs. Michel’le liked the attention from Tupac and wanted to be a star but no one else in the crew was trying to make this happen for her. Daz believes at one point in New Orleans he thinks Michel’le and Tupac had sex and says Suge Knight and Tupac had words because of this.

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Yoel Molina Law

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