Filthy Rich – Talks About His Upcoming Project “Reservoir Dog”

Filthy Rich - Talks About His Upcoming Project Reservoir Dog

Southside Chicago rapper Filthy Rich presents the We Video Visions-directed music video for “All I Want,” the new Paris Beuller-produced single from Reservoir Dog, Rich’s forthcoming album also featuring production from Hearontrackz, C-Sick, Ill Brown and Snapbackondatrack. The visual also stars Basik Da Kidd. Reservoir Dogs will be Filthy’s first album since he overcame end stage renal failure, which he was diagnosed with just before he released his 2013 album White Devil. 2015 saw the release of the music video for “Easter Sunday.” Other releases include, The G.W.O.P. Chronicles, Trappy Holidays and Tricks Or Beats. “I was in the lab with Beuller goin over beats,” Rich says. “This beat came on, we started vibing and he just started freestyling the hook. I told him I wouldn’t take the beat without it. I copped it and put my verses to it, and the rest was history.”

SFHH: What spurred you to name your upcoming project Reservoir Dog?

Filthy Rich:  I named it that for a couple reasons. One, I wanted to catch that more vintage, old school way of doing things. Every generation has their own way of doing things, and these shorties are no exception, but I wanted to take my way, and put it back on the map.

Secondly, I call my signature Versace shades the Reservoir Dogs cuz they look like the shades they wear in the movie. So, I wanted to tie all that in and give em some real O.G. type shit.

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SFHH: What’s your favorite non-rap album of all time and why?

Filthy Rich: I listen to a lot of non-rap music from Incubus to Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, I love Billie Holiday, and Mary J. Blige, my favorite vocalist is Norah Jones. I could go on and on, but my favorite album has to be Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Mother’s Milk. It’s just dope top to bottom, and they were really funk infused back then. They used to let Flea go on the bass.

Dude was the man. Shit, he still is. He just did the National Anthem at Kobe’s last game. The creativity on that project was ridiculous. I loved it 20 years ago, and in my mind, nothing’s surpassed it.

SFHH: What do you think it will take for you to blow in the industry?

Filthy Rich: A whole lot of consistency, good timing, a nice budget, and a little bit of luck.

SFHH: You’re an extremely prolific artist. What is your secret to maintaining such a consistently high level of both quality and quantity?

Filthy Rich: First off, thank you. It’s always cool to see your work get appreciated. You gotta find ways to maintain that hunger. It gives you that edge. There’s certain people and situations I can always look back on that get me fired up, and help me to really dig into whatever I’m working on at the time. It also helps to love what you do, which is never an issue with me.

SFHH: Do you freestyle and battle rap? What’s your opinion on them?

Filthy Rich: I started out freestyling and battling way back when. It was just something fun me and the guys did when we kicked it. We were pretty dope too. Used to go for whole songs and beyond even. But, as I began to take myself more serious as an artist, and started to write a lot more. I kinda lost the love for it. I always equated it to “who wants to do their job when they get home from work?” Plus, you see a lot of these battle rappers can’t write records for shit.

And writing great records was always number one goal cuz that’s where the money is, and that’s what the greats do. But lately, I been seeing these rappers get put on the spot on different radio interviews and what have you, and they garbage and they embarrass themselves.

So, I’ve been thinking about kicking the dust off my freestyle (and I mean really off the dome, not no spittin a verse that’s unreleased) game, and getting back with it. I take a lot of pride in being an MC and I wanna be able to deliver both ways.

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