Rah Digga – Teaches Life Lessons Using Hip Hop Via Her ‘Lyrics Matter’ Organization

Rah Digga says she is always working and has some new music coming.

Rah Digga tells us why she likes working with Lyric Jones. Digga says that Lyric reminds her of herself in that she is hungry, driven and does not take no for an answer. Digga says that she sees the passion for the culture in Lyric Jones. Rah Digga expresses her frustration with the current generation of rappers and their lackadaisical attitude when it comes to the culture of Hip Hop.

She tells us about Lyrics Matter, the non-profit she has that teaches Hip Hop to the local community New Jersey. Digga also created a workshop where she teaches life lesson via her Lyrics Matter Organization. Her organization uses Hip Hop to teach some of the life lessons that she was able to learn.

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