Ty Dolla $ign – Reveals Features on ‘Beach House 3’ & Throws Jabs At Wiz’s Fashion

Ty Dolla $ign tells DJ Whoo Kid who will appear on ‘Beach House 3’.

DJ Whoo Kid and Shade 45 get a visit from Ty Dolla $ign. Ty reveals some features that will be on ‘Beach House 3‘ which goes for pre-order on September 22nd. It was originally supposed to go for pre-order the previous week but they had some issues clearing the single ‘So Am I’ with Damian Marley which released last week.

YG will also be on this project he announced, this was the first time they have worked together since ‘Toot It And Boot It’ dropped in 2009. Ty also said that he and The Dream, who was on his musical bucket list, were finally able to get into the studio together and in the first session they recorded about 15 songs.  The interview closes with Ty throwing some friendly jabs at Wiz’s tight (literally) fashion sense, saying he doesn’t know how he can breathe in those shorts/pants (lol).

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