Dame Dash – Talks About The Demise Of Rocawear; Says Kanye Is Imbalanced

Dame Dash - Tells All About Why Rocawear Failed; Says Kanye Is Imbalanced

Dame Dash talks about the demise of Rocawear and says the press only gives the mic to negativity.

Dame Dash was on The Domenick Nati Show today and spoke about Kanye West and his imbalance and bipolar condition. Dame says he’s curious to see what happens with Jay-Z and Rocawear in court, “This is the year of I told you so” for Dame Dash. “Rocawear was fuckin’ it up so I left.” “If Rocawear’s hood is being looked under, I’m curious to see what they find”.

Dame was in the Rocawear ads because Jay-Z would not show up for them. When Dame was asked about Jay-Z avoiding his court dates, Dame says “sounds like some Donald Trump shit to me.” He went on to say he would never let his daughter date a rapper and doesn’t want her around them.

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