Termanology Keeps It 100 In This Exclusive Interview

Several years back I had the pleasure of interviewing Termanology, one of Hip Hop’s most prominent driving forces.  Over the decades he’s become an influential staple in Hip Hop, lyrically and as an appraised leader in the communities.  In our most recent interview we discussed his catalog of music that surpasses a decade, Good Dad Gang brand, his close ties and brotherhood with legendary artists, eight fingers of gold, and so much more! Tune in below.

MJ: I appreciate you taking time out of the studio and touring to chop it up, once again, with MJ.  Before we get into the music I want to talk about #GoodDadGang. Years ago during our first interaction I recall that movement was just in the take-off stages. Here we are years later and it’s now become a way of life in the homes of millions of families! #GoodDadGang is something near and dear to your heart. Talk about how it’s changed the lives and family ties across the world.

Term: Appreciate that. Good Dad Gang is something I take a lot of pride in. I didn’t intend on making it a global movement. I was just being a very proud father and posting up pics with my kids and the hashtag blew up. Once the name started getting noticed, I put the brand in motion and things elevated quickly from there. We now have a website, social media campaign, full on clothing line, over 70 tattoos, and back to school giveaways every year for children in poverty.

MJ:  That’s incredible as is the bond and brotherhood with fellow artists in the industry such as Slaine, Statik Selektah, DJ Premier, and Book Camp members. Have those relationships influenced the longevity of your career and success?

Term: Absolutely. Statik is one of my oldest friends and so is Slaine. Premier helped me in too many ways to name, including doing 10 songs with me, Sean Price, Smif-N-Wessun, multiple shows, studio sessions, and songs together. All of those guys are legendary and/ or on their way to being legendary if you ask me.

MJ: I couldn’t agree more, salute to all of them! Tell me a little about Termanology back in 2003 when “Hood Politics” was released…Tell me a little about Termanology now in 2018.  Looking back, what can you say about the artist you were then compared to who you are now?

Term: 2003 Termanology didn’t know anything about the music industry. He was just a hungry kid trying to make a name in Hip-Hop. 2018 Termanology is much wiser and aware of what the music industry is all about. I’m a much better artist overall now. I learned how to use my voice much better as I got deeper into my career.

MJ: You were young when you took the industry by storm without warning! Did you have support in your corner? Did you have mentors offering guidance and artist development? I ask this because now most up and coming artists are also young but the difference is they are not so receptive to the knowledge given by our pioneers who built this foundation for them.

Term: I came into the game independently with my own music. I was pressing up CD’s, tapes, and vinyl with my own money. I was putting up thousands of stickers with my own street team, doing hundreds of local shows and showing up 30 deep to all of them. I gained a local buzz like that. The dedication and hunger I showed in New England and in NY got me noticed by Krumbsnatcha, Statik, Dan Green, Lil Fame of M.O.P., Premier, Buckwild, Nature Sounds Records, Brick Records and a few others. But those are some of the names I think of that had a hand in helping me out early on with direction, music and opportunities.


MJ: Your grind and dedication speaks volumes! 2018, what is hot right now with Termanology? Any inside scoop on forthcoming projects and tour dates you can share?

Term: I just dropped a full length album with Slaine titled “Anti-Hero”. You can find that on all digital platforms, cd, and vinyl. I have a new project out right now with my group ST. Da Squad, and new album off my own label ST. Records was released on 4/20. The project is called “Lostsol 96’” by Producer “Shortfyuz”.

MJ: One of my guilty pleasures of interviewing is getting a little personal with artists and sharing that with fans. With that being said, let’s begin…Tell me your 3 top touring spots. If I scroll your playlist on your phone, who will I find? What are your 3 favorite father moments? Finally, talk about the rings. The gold never leaves those fingers but I have a feeling there is some history or nostalgia behind those rings.

Favorite tour spots:

My favorite touring spots would be Switzerland, Italy and Japan.

What’s on my playlist right now:

When it comes to music right now I am playing Willie the Kid & Klever Skemes EP, Freddie Gibbs SOD & Shortfyuz Lostol 96 LP on repeat.

Favorite Father moments:

Witnessing the birth of both of my children would be my greatest memory I would say.

Reason for the Rings:

I wear the rings is as a symbol of success. I grew up very poor and wearing the rings reminds me how far I made it. I can remember when I lived in the ghetto with no food and no heat. I came a long way and I am forever grateful and proud.


MJ: Speaking of fatherhood, how do you find the balance? Like I mentioned earlier you are much more than an artist. So between making music, touring, giving back to the community, and raising daughters, where is your balance?  For some artists that challenge of finding and maintaining a healthy balance can result in the end of careers.

Term: It is one of my biggest challenges honestly. It’s very hard to drive 500-1,000 + miles every single week back and forth from NY to Boston, etc., to do music full time and also be there for my kids. But somehow I managed to pull it off for the past 14 years. I guess it’s like they say, if you really care about something you will make time for it.

MJ: Facts upon facts! As we wrap up, is there anything else you want the world to know about Termanology?

Term: I got love for everyone and I wish people only the best. There is no hate in my heart, God Bless anyone reading this. Love is love.

MJ: I want to thank you again for taking time out to chop it up with MJ. As I say on the daily, “MJ’s always a fan first”.


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