White Plains’ Artist Shorts, Tells Us What Hip Hop Is Lacking


White Plains'

White Plains, New York rapper Shorts presents Long Story Short 2, his new album featuring Oaklin Winthrop, LifeTrav, Hartly, Phillz Jackson and Bizzness. The followup to 2016’s Long Story Short. The new album has already spawned visuals for the first single “Merci”, shot in the Dominican Republic and Cuba.

Shorts also recently released visuals for his freestyle over Jadakiss’ “All For The Love” and Jadakiss/Styles P’s “We Gon Make It” instrumentals.

“I feel good about Pt. 2,” Shorts says. “It’s not easy following up your first project but I tried not to put too much pressure on myself. My overall goal was to exemplify growth as an artist while staying true to who I am as a person. Mission complete. Black vanity!”

How do you feel Long Story Short 2 differs and compares to the first volume?

Well for starters it’s more content. 12 songs in comparison to 6. 3 skits with the option to skip of my pops giving free game was a spin off having my mom’s pov on one. Tried to make corrections from some of the critiques I got from the first project without compromising my vision. I see and hear things differently. I feel like I gave the listeners more of me. growth to say the least!

What were some of the challenges and advantages of shooting music videos in Cuba and the Dominican Republic?

Ahh man it wasn’t easy that’s for sure lol. Aside from everything being outta pocket, trying to make sure things were “perfect” or went as planned was overwhelming. So to see the finished product was liberating. No regrets though. I’d definitely do it again elsewhere!

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What’s your favorite song you’ve ever recorded and why?

lol ahh that’s a tough question. Imma go with “munchies” off pt. 3, a joint I did for my moms. Definitely my favorite song overall but I’ll say “Away” on Long Story Short 2. most heartfelt song I did in a while and I was really impressed with myself once I completed that song. it was probably the last song I completed to finalize the playlist!

What’s something unexpected about Shorts that we may not assume?

i’ve ran a mile a day for the last 2 years straight. Kinda like a challenge I did for self. Mental toughness and a gauge to make sure everything is good on a daily. If I can’t run a mile around the same time as I did yesterday something’s wrong!

What do you think the current rap scene is lacking?

It’s lacking identity. I’m not knocking anyone who’s on cause that’s commendable in itself but I do feel there aren’t any standouts and everything sounds the same due to what’s deemed current or hot, instead of being yourself and trying to be as original as possible. Although nothings new under the sun I‘d rather try my best to innovate than imitate!


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