UKnowScott Discusses Getting His Start & Betrayal

UKnowScott Discusses Getting His Start & Betrayal He Has Experienced

UKnowScott talks about his latest video titled ‘Betrayed’.

Bronx rapper UKnowScott presents the Mike Lens-directed music video for “Betrayed”, his new single produced by HozayBeats. Earlier this year Scott released his debut album New York Driver which spawned visuals for the “Absent” single.

“In the so-called ‘streets’ and in business as well as life, I have been betrayed,” Scott says about the inspiration for his new single. “I’ve learned to believe in actions not words, and nothing really excites me. Despite these setbacks, I’m still here on my mission.”

Describe the typical UKnowScott fan.

The typical UKnowScott fan is about his/her business. Definitely are on the higher IQ side lmao! Most can either relate to my story and the gems I drop, or they sense the urgency in me and appreciate the skill with which I execute. I get DMs from people all over the world though, just saying they heard one of my songs and fuck wit it. I have supporters that are young and supporters that are much older than me, and I think that’s important.

Betrayal is a common theme in your music. What has your experience been with that?

Damn I don’t know where to begin with this. I have 1000 personal stories that led to me slowly becoming jaded, as well as shit I’ve witnessed. From people that claimed they loved me, and people I thought were in my corner. Now like my song says, “One ear out the other cuz I’ve been betrayed!” You can tell me whatever but it won’t move me or impress me.

I only believe in and appreciate actions. The good news of me being weary of everyone and everything is that I hustle harder than most, and I don’t expect anything from anyone. I’ve been hurt so many times I’m damn near bulletproof at this point lol.

UKnowScott Discusses Getting His Start & Betrayal He Has Experienced

What track of yours do you think you should go down in history and why?

I be feeling myself so there are a few.. but the consensus is my song “Drivers Seat” off of my New York Driver album. As I touched on in the previous question, I take responsibility for my life and no matter what I’ve been through I blame myself for the results , good or bad. I feel like this metaphor resonated with people immediately.

On Spotify it has more plays in Brazil than other state or country. It clearly spoke to people and touched people all over the world and is my most streamed song by far. The verses are hot, the hook is hot, and nothing beats authenticity. In one record it is a snapshot of my truth and ability.

How did you get your start rapping?

I got my start rapping really young with my cousin and brother. And I always have been giving niggas bars lol. If you mean when did my sound get more professional and when I got a little clout or whatever , my sound as it’s known now probably came around 2015, when I was working with Andrew Kelley and Rodney Hazard.

They saw skill in me that they fucked with and we worked together, and have an EP in the stash. My music started to gain traction earlier this year when my album dropped, and now every video I put on youtube gets like 5k views. I need a million though.

Any shoutouts?

Shoutout my cousin and the only artist I fuck with, Chayce Crushh. Shoutout to Rodney Hazard and Andrew Kelley cuz they were the first “industry” people to believe in me.

Shoutout all my supporters and all the fake supporters waiting for me to blow up to show me love in public lol. And shoutout to me for being a thorough as nigga and surviving all types of fuckery. SCOTT!

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