Pete Santos Tells Us How Traveling Helped Shape His Music

MC/singer/songwriter Pete Santos presents the RP Films Media-directed music video for “Last Night People”, his new B.Cimili-produced single featuring Miara. A New York City native currently residing in Finland, Pete grew up all over the world, a life journey which heavily influenced his blend of hip-hop, pop, R&B, afro-rhythms, and soul music.

The clip for “Last Night People” follows on the heels of visuals for his last single “We Emotional.” Pete says his new single is about “the next day of a newly-married couple who wed the night before in Las Vegas. The newlywed couple tells their story about their love for each other and the beauty of that love.”

Was the “Last Night People” Vegas wedding theme inspired by a real experience in your life? What inspired you to run with this idea?

To keep it real, I pray to God before I do anything in the studio. I pray when hearing beats, writing, recording, etc. After first hearing the beat in 2017 and praying, right away getting married in Las Vegas came to my mind. I don’t have a personal experience with weddings in Vegas other than the sitcoms and movies that have marriage scenes in them. What’s wild is I don’t recall many songs about getting married in Vegas, especially from the perspective of “Last Night People” and getting married in Vegas is so iconic. People all over the world come to Vegas to get married in the Michael Jackson chapel or the Elvis chapel, you know there’s so many themes in Vegas marriage chapels. I couldn’t let the opportunity go by without making a song about that experience. 

2. You’re a versatile artist who can toggle between singing and rapping easily. What’s your thought process as far as deciding when to employ which skill on a track?  This circles back to prayer and it all comes down to the beat and how it inspires me. Sometimes in hind sight after listening to a song I don’t even know how I or whoever was in the studio with me thought the why and how we would come up with what we do.  When I hear a beat I like, I usually get a feeling right away of how I should approach it. The beat dictates so much for me. The theme of the song, which skill to employ on the song between rapping and singing or both are all dictated by the beat. I like to tap into that God wisdom, which comes through for me every time. I tap into it whenever I have the opportunity. 

You’ve been residing in Finland for a while. What’s life like there? 

It’s one of the extremes of Europe in temperature, in terms of both weather and people. I’ve learned to adapt to Finland’s long winters and the coldness that translates to the people. If you like nature, Finland has a lot of it. It’s easy to get lost in the Finnish forests.  

You’ve done a lot of traveling in your life. How do you think that has shaped your music? 

I really think traveling has shaped my music in that I’m open to different sounds, instruments, and textures of music. I enjoy a wide variety of musical perspectives. There’s so many crazy dope sounds out there that I wouldn’t have probably appreciated had it not been for traveling. The music culture in countries outside of the US is many times very different. Experiencing these differences has been great for me as a music artist, again shaping how I approach music and what I create. 

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What’s a life motto you try to live by and why?

One of my life motto’s is straight up, “Don’t be anxious for anything!” I’ve been in bad experiences getting excited about a situation and acting before I had full knowledge of the situation. Being anxious causes me and many other folk to make bad decisions. In my case, I’m learning from other music artists’ mistakes and deviating from the path of making bad decisions when the situation seems great at first especially when dealing with contracts. That’s when I need to slow down and think about it again and get some counsel from someone wiser than me, probably a lawyer. Word to the wise, and I’ll say it again; “Don’t be anxious for anything!”

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