Montana Tucker Says It’s Upsetting That Female Artists Have To Constantly Prove Themselves

Montana Tucker joined Domenick Nati and shared information on her current dating status.

Domenick Nati recently spoke with Montana Tucker. She help her secret about her dating life after Domenick pressed the issue. She says she may give him that information during their next interview.
Nati then asked her if it is difficult for her to talk about business because of her beauty. Tucker responded with “It’s upsetting that you have to prove yourself all the time because you’re a woman.”

The two continued talking and the conversation found it’s way to dating and dating shows. Apparently Tucker has been approached by many reality shows to appear on their shows. She’s been approached to be on all the MTV dating shows and The Bachelor but she always turns them down. However, Tucker says she does want to be on Dancing With the Stars and has done videos with Gleb and Alan.

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