Nash Nation Talks “Killer Bee Shit” Single & New Jersey Hip-Hop

Nash Nation Talks Killer Bee Shit Single & New Jersey Hip-Hop

New Jersey emcee Nash Nation presents the Quest-directed music video for “Killer Bee Sh*t,” Nash’s new single produced by Buckroll, out now on My Life Entertainment. The “Killer Bee” clip comes on the heels of visuals for last year’s single “BE Safe.” Nash has been featured on Power 105.1, Shade 45, Sirius XM Radio, and MTV2, has starred in commercials for VH1 and BET Jams, and has shared stages with Cee-lo Green, Pretty Ricky, MC Lyte, and Sean Paul. Nash says his new single was “inspired by old school Wu-Tang Clan vibes, more specifically the aggression of the killer bee swarm. The track felt gritty and reminiscent of that era’s lyrical swag which helped me get some things off my chest.”

How did you get your rap name? What is its meaning?

The name Nash was originally an acronym for “Natural Artist with Soulful Harmonies.” I was originally just an R&B singer/writer but after years of everyone telling me I look like a rapper and being frustrated with working with rappers that took forever to turn in verses for features or just be professional in general, I started to rap. I would often be disappointed by the rap artist I wanted to work with once I heard their verses once they finally did turn it in. It was like damn you made me wait for this BS lol. Joker’s ego’s were bigger than their bars so I just said fine, I’ll do it myself. I got the Nation added to my name by one of my old manager’s that used to work over at Sony/BMG, he said it was because he always felt that I was an artist that can sell nationwide or a global artist. So that’s how I became Nash Nation.

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What made you decide to evoke memories of the Wu on your new single? How did the song come to be?

The idea came to me as soon as I heard the beat. It was just natural, I was driving to the mall and had it blasting and the lyrics just came pouring out. Thank God I had the wheel because I was wilding. The beat pretty much spoke to my spirit and reminded me of that ol’skool vibe. Plus there were some things I had to get off my chest.

What’s the New Jersey scene like right now? How do you fit in?

Nash Nation Talks Killer Bee Shit Single & New Jersey Hip-Hop

NJ right now from what I’ve seen feels like a cross between NY drill and down south trap depending on what part of NJ you’re in. It’s really divided by north and south with the southern half carrying a Philly vibe and the northern part where I originated from carrying that drill/ NY influence. I can’t say it feels versatile, but rap music isn’t really carrying much diversity these days in my opinion.

How has your life and thinking changed since the COVID pandemic?

I think it’s made me focus and truly identify my real genuine and sincere loved ones. It’s definitely made me realize that I can’t leave this music shit alone even if I wanted to. Covid has renewed my drive for sure.

What can we expect from Nash Nation next?

More music, more fire, more energy, it’s the life! I’ve got a full magazine, ready and loaded that I can’t wait to release. Killer Bee Shit is the warm up, I’ve got some fire that is vicious and undeniable. It’s coming and I’m pacing myself so all in due time.

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