DJ Whoo Kid & 4X NBA Champion John Salley Talk Brittney Griner Verdict

DJ Whoo Kid & John Salley Talk Britney Griner Verdict

DJ Whoo Kid sits down with John Salley to discuss the Britney Griner verdict.

DJ Whoo Kid had John Salley on his show to discuss Britney Griner. John, as with many in this country is an advocate of using marijuana recreationally and Britney got pinched for it in Russia. John Salley is so disappointed in how the USA is handling this Brittney Griner situation, he had to talk to Whoo Kid.

Salley says that Griner had to be charged because she admitted to having the substance in her bag. Salley believes instead of arresting her, the airport officials could thrown away the little that she had. Instead they decided this was a great opportunity to use Griner as a pawn, and the United States fell right into the hands of the Russians.

The United States is willing to negotiate with the Russians to give up an arms dealer in Viktor Bout in exchange for Griner and Paul Whelan. To put this into perspective, Whelan has been held in Russia for espionage since 2018. Let us know what you think of John Salley’s take on this situation in the comments below.

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