Beatahoe & Boxguts Talk New ‘Cremation Diamonds’ EP, Origins Of Their Names & More

Beatahoe & Boxguts Talk New 'Cremation Diamonds' EP, Origins Of Their Names & More

Beatahoe and Boxguts chop it up with us about new EP, “Cremation Diamonds.”

Hip-Hop is more than just a genre of music, it is a culture, a lifestyle, and an art form that has been around for 50 years. It has brought people from different walks of life together, providing a platform for artists to express their thoughts, emotions, and experiences through the power of rhymes and beats. Beatahoe and Boxguts are two artists who have been contributing to the hip-hop scene for years now. In this exclusive interview with SpitFireHipHop, they discuss their latest project, “Cremation Diamonds,” how they came up with their names, and what the future holds for their music.

Beatahoe, the producer from Canada, started the conversation by revealing the inspiration behind his name, and why he is always seen with a mask in public. “I used to live in an apartment complex and I was seeing a woman and she was throwing a fit coming up to my apartment in the complex. And she was screaming and making noise, and making a scene. I was with my friend who plays keys on the keyboard, I would make the drums and he would play the keys. then she starts knocking on my door making a scene and then my friend looks at me and said you Beatahoe.”

Boxguts, the emcee from Brooklyn, also had an interesting story behind his name. “I was going under my graffiti name for a long time but I was also getting up and I was starting thinking of how more I wanted to do music. I had been contemplating on other names and it was just open in my head that I needed to come up with a better emcee name and I was freestyling with the group of emcees, that I am still part of the is called Box Reb, short for Boxer Rebellion and I think in the freestyle I said something at the end like box reb for guts, I’m box guts.”

Boxguts & Beatahoe Let The Sparks Fly On “Cremation Diamonds” EP

Their latest project, “Cremation Diamonds,” is their ninth collaboration, and it’s a project that showcases their growth as artists. Boxguts explained the concept behind the project, saying, “The name ‘Cremation Diamonds’ came from stashed beats from Beatahoe I had just finished an album called ‘Royal Water’. I figured I could work this theme into some of the other stuff I was doing. I felt something with something regal will be dope flipping the title to keep the ball rolling. At the time I had been learning about this process where they could take the carbon from the cremated remains of someone and grow a diamond off of them.” It got the gears going and that is where the titled came from.

As for what the future holds, both artists have several projects in the works that they’re excited to release. Beatahoe said, “I am working on a project with Clee Major. I am also working with a legend but don’t wnat to energy still his name but I am working on that and that should be out in a year or two.

Beatahoe and Boxguts are two artists who are passionate about their craft and dedicated to creating music that speaks to people. Their latest project, “Cremation Diamonds,” is a testament to their growth and their ability to turn out something beautiful. With several projects in the works, it’s clear that these two artists have a lot more to offer, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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