YOUWIN Talks New EP & What Inspires Him

Youwin Talks New EP & What Inspires Him

YOUWIN explains what inspires him in this exclusive interview.

How did you decide to release a two-song EP? What do you think unites the two songs conceptually?

I felt like the songs bookended each other in terms of sound. I think what united “Voyeur” and “Cold Blood” was the fact that they are both songs about dissatisfaction, but performed like a pop song. I thought it would be fun to juxtapose the lyrics with what was going on in the instrumentals. “Cold Blood” is a breakup song that sounds like a pop hit, and “Voyeur” is about a shit night at a club that sounds like a radio song.

What are the primary inspirations for your sound?

Youwin Talks New EP & What Inspires Him

My life and experiences. I can only make music about how I am feeling and what I am seeing. It sucks because I can only draw from that place. if you gave me a bunch of your ideas it wouldn’t turn out the same or be as good, because it has to come from me.

What’s a life motto you try to live by?

You can get anything you want, so go get it.

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What’s the hardest thing about being an indie artist today, in your opinion?

Money and resources. It’s much harder to execute things how I want because I simply don’t have the money. A lot of the production and visual elements are stifled in a way because my team and I don’t have the right budget. We still finesse it though.

Describe a day in the life of YOUWIN.

It depends on what I’m doing. Right now, we’re headed to Amsterdam for a show, so it’s a lot of cardio and practice (which I hate). Wake up, go for a run, die for a little, caffeinate heavily, and then listen to instrumentals and write. If I come up with something good enough will hit the studio. If not, I’m practicing my set and then watching movies. I’m boring. Weekends are studio time and eating something good in the city/maybe a club or two. Not exactly rockstar shit haha.

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