Rockwelz Discusses ‘Heavy’ Release & Mxnxpxly Music Imprint

Rockwelz Discusses  'Heavy' Release & Mxnxpxly Music Imprint

Brooklyn, NY native Rockwelz presents “Heavy,” the Nam Nitty-produced single from LL2J, his forthcoming album also set to feature The Musalini, The Bad Seed, M.O.U.F. and John Jigg$, co-founder of Rockwelz’ Mxnxpxly Music imprint.

Rockwell has collaborated with the late Prodigy of Mobb Deep (watch the music video for “Mxnxpxly Mobb”) Skyzoo (stream “Blessings” on Spotify), the late Fred The Godson (stream “Lil Man Got Heart” on Spotify) and many more. “This one right here is elegance,” Rockwelz says about his new single. “A rapper rapper’s delight. How Too $hort said it? I got 10,000 stories and they all for sale. This the last time you gonna see a bad guy like me.” “Heavy” is out now on Mxnxpxly Music.

Your new single “Heavy” has been described as “elegance” and a “rapper rapper’s delight.” Can you elaborate on what inspired the song and how it fits into your overall artistic evolution?

I definitely pride myself in being able to demonstrate my lyricism on a multitude of beats. When I heard the beat I instantly thought it had potential to be a commercial type of smash. I try to be modest but there’s a time when I need to talk my talk. This record was a reminder that I can do those too.

Your forthcoming album, LL2J, boasts an impressive lineup of collaborators. Could you share some behind-the-scenes stories or interesting anecdotes from working with artists like The Musalini, The Bad Seed, M.O.U.F., and John Jigg$ on this project?

My labelmates John Jigg$ and Mouf always keep me sharp in my pen game because I know we’re from that similar cloth where lyrics matter. We challenge each other in the booth. Been waiting for the perfect track to tap in with The Bad Seed. We both have respect for Bleek both being from Brooklyn so I wanted to recreate something epic while giving the listeners a Coming of Age from our perspective. The Musalini and I both have a way with words when it comes to the ladies. Not many that can keep it mackadocious with me with that sly talk. Real alpha male music right there.

Collaborations have been a significant part of your music career, including working with artists like Prodigy of Mobb Deep and Skyzoo. How have these collaborations influenced your creative process and the direction of your music?

I wouldn’t say collaboration influenced my music. When I consider collabs I think how the production can have an artist attack the beat in a different way than I would’ve. The collab will bring another perspective, or sonically bring a different vibe that wouldn’t be accomplished with just me on the record. Also my bucket list to work with these artists as I’m a fan myself.

Could you shed light on the vision and creative process behind Mxnxpxly Music?

That’s exactly it. We’re one of the last rays of light. Hope that this quality of content and lyricism isn’t a thing of the past. We just try to curate the dopest stuff and fill a void in the industry. Using music to inspire emotion all while telling our stories. Something like luxury artwork.

Describe a day in the life of Rockwelz.

As long as I’m healthy I’m up early grinding for my last name. Raising my two sons, keeping everyone fed all while never giving up on my dreams. We all have excuses as to why we can’t but when you have kids that look up to you it’s important that you lead by example. All my music isn’t for them but the goal is for them to one day reap the benefits. 

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