HUBBS Releases New “Winston Zeddemoore” Album

HUBBS - Winston Zeddemoore (LP)

HUBBS is back with another trip to the cosmos with new album, “Winston Zeddemoore.”

Who is “Winston Zeddemoore” you ask? He is a fictional character from a movie released in 1984. The movie, “Ghostbusters” was one of the most successful at the time. Winston Zeddemoore was a ghostbuster night but a Businessman and Egyptologist by day. He was a real cerebral guy who knew about energy and its effect on people.

Speaking of energy and its effect on people, this new album from HUBBS and the energy from it will move you in such a way, you will want to purchase it. HUBBS energy is so infectious that it is difficult not to allow it to engulf you as you hang on to every word. His energy is one that is positive upon impact and throughout the time that you listen to “Winston Zeddemoore.”

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Just as “Winston Zeddemoore” fought off the ghosts/evil spirits in the movie, HUBBS protects you from the evil vibrations that are often found in the Hip-Hop that placed in from you. The 14 track album that includes production from M. Germ, Nysceworkk, Big Jerm will take you to a different dimension and land you there without trepidation.

  HUBBS did not enlist many on “Winston Zeddemoore” in the way of features. Skyzoo, and Pittsburgh’s Shad Ali are the only features on “Winston Zeddemoore.” Touch the cosmos with HUBBS by impacting the play button below.

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