BlackLiq Delivers New Album Titled ‘The Lie’

BlackLiq - The Lie (LP) front

Creating an orchestra for BlackLiq to speak his mind on is DEJECT aka Big Bando Mane, another Richmond, Virginia resident. The two artists have come together to make a ten song album called “The Lie” that exposes the twisted Chutes and Ladders game that artists must play in order to get “success” in the entertainment industry.

BlackLiq even pushes back on the audience, at points questioning their part in all these trappings. You can almost feel a Gladiator “Are you not entertained?” moment arising. The album, with all the right parts of frustrationmotivation, self destruction, and satire is available now on vinyl and digital on Bandcamp via Man Bites Dog Records and will be on all streaming platforms 12/1.

BlackLiq - The Lie (LP) front
Yoel Molina Law

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